Pix Ian Urquhart (Zulu)

On Top of Snowdon sunrise June 21st 1964  Taken in the early hours of the Morning of the 21st June 1964 on top of Mt Snowdon. Ian Urquhart says:- "A load of us from the WC with some local girls (girlfriends) made it to the top of Snowdon, .... due to thick cloud/mist we did not get to see the sun.... plus it was I remember very cold ... and Die Lewyn was moaning about the cold as he didn't even take a jacket with him but left it at the bottom of Snowdon (were I remember it was fairly warm). Anyway all those years ago as I had "lugged" my camera with me..... I didn't get a photo of the sunrise...but did get the photo momento of the group of us at the top. L to R: Die Lewin (WC), Graham Buchan (WC), Unknown (?)...chap standing behind Graham Buchan), Louise (she was a niece of Bill Whale, myself (WC), Gorden Blackney (WC), (2 x girls - sorry but I do not remember names.... Andy Somes might remember as one was his girlfriend at that time) (WC) Ray Ritmeyer (Standing), and Andy Somes (WC)."